A wild dream become reality!

Many pupils attending the Good Shepherd School live some distance away, but public transport in Rewari is woefully inadequate and private services costly, unreliable and unsafe. The acquisition of a 26-seater bus thus appeared increasingly necessary to enable children from all ends of the social scale to attend school regularly and safely.

In October 2011, an appeal was launched in Belgium to raise the 17,000 € nécessary for the purchase of the vehicle, and the response was beyond our expectations!  The project directors, Robin and Angeleena Masih, wish to thank all the individuals, families, churches and schools in Belgium who have taken part in this opération, often with much imagination.

The bus was delivered in October 2012, and dedicated for service on the day of the opening of the new upper floors of the school. Since then, it has proved itself to be most useful – not only for the transport of the children, but also for publicising the school’s name in the local area.

Dedication of the bus, 29th October 2012:

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