A district bustling with activity

The town of Rewari is situated 80 km south-west of New Delhi, in the State of Haryana near the frontier with Rajasthan. The district of the same name is spread over 1,559 km², with an essentially rural population of over 900,000 inhabitants. This figure is continually on the rise because, with the economic boom and the arrival of many multinational companies, the région attracts a growing number of labourers, engineers, traders, businessmen… and less fortunate migrants.

While members of the new middle class dwell in luxury flats, the labourers (who hire their services in the factories for 2€ a day) live with their families in squalid houses. The migrant communities, excluded from the caste system and from Indian society as a whole, are grouped together in makeshift slums, complelled to collect garbage in order to earn enough to eat.

Rewari is easily accessible by train or by car.  The Delhi to Rewari meter gauge railway line, opened in 1873, was the world’s first commercial meter gauge service. The Rewari steam loco shed is well worth a visit. The town is traditionally famous for its metal workshops, particularly brass manufacture, which dates back to the 16th century. Shops and market stalls offer a large variety of brass utensils and artistic works.

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